A man searches for meaning after the most destructive global attack in human history that took the lives of his wife & daughter.
He travels throughout Europe and finds himself being suddenly guided to Africa. He discovers a great being of ancient knowledge known as Gaya
who teaches him how to connect to all of consciousness and all of reality, to become the next savior of Earth - Atlas.

"Three things can not long be hidden, the Sun the Moon and the Truth."
- The Buddha

Atlas Comic Book Story

Atlas is an all-new comic book series that explores the mysteriously TRUE nature of the reality we live in through a classic superhero story.
Many of us think we know who we are and what this thing we call existence really is. For some it's a religion, a science, a state of mind, but one thing remains true - everything is always more
than it seems. Our world is filled with many mysteries of the ancient world and even stranger enigmas in the modern age that we can only be more convinced that anything is possible. 

“The story feels like a combination of Shazam meets the Matrix!”
- Ryan Porter, Positively Nerdy Podcast

“If you’re a fan of science and philosophy meeting over a moving and rich story, this is definitely a work you should check out!”  
 - Erik Cheski, Fanboy Comics

"I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the art style of Atlas Origins is one of my favorites in recent times. Seriously, just look at it!"
 - Kevin Pourmostofi, We The Nerdy

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Get Inspired

Atlas is based on emerging and surpressed ideas about the true nature of reality. In the Resources section you can view many thought provoking videos about topics such as Electric Universe Theory, Sacred Geometry, Ancient Knowledge, Biology of Belief and many more. Click the button below to start your own search for the truth.

Get the Full Story

During his training, Peter Kline is asked to keep a journal of his experiences and use it to reflect on the sacred teachings and ancient knowledge he learns. In his own writing you get to experience through Peter's eyes the truth about reality. The real story at the core of Atlas comes alive in the journal. Click the button below to learn how he became a hero.

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See the latest to come out of the Atlas Camp with our Instagram Feed. I'll be keeping this feed up to date with as much progress on the project as I can.