Atlas is a New Hero for a New Age!

In the modern world, we want our old world superheroes to be increasingly rooted in reality and less in fantasy. Yet, how do you explain these extraordinary abilities in a seemingly ordinary world, without it feeling fake? Atlas is the answer to that question! Created by Dave Swartz and lettered by industry veteran Ed Brisson, this New Age superhero is born out of REAL Secrets & Mysteries of our Ancient World, combined with the most astonishing Fringe Science we know of today! The story explores subjects like: Ancient Knowledge, Quantum Physics, Electric Universe Theory, Galactic History, Alien Cultures, Time & Space, and many more!

The Main Characters

There are 3 major characters in the Atlas Story, Atlas the Savior, Gaya the Mentor & Khoas the Destroyer. As the story progresses, new characters will be added to expand the cast with each new issue! Read the short bios below to learn more about the characters and how they fit into the story.

Atlas - The Savior

Atlas - The Savior

Atlas is a powerful hero trained by a powerful ancient light being to be the next savior of Earth.

He has the unique ability to connect with the fabric of reality and manipulate it with his intentions. He has telekinetic and telepathic abilities as well as super strength, enhanced senses, matter phasing, the ability to fly and he's a master of Tai Chi. As he becomes more practiced he learns to travel between dimensions and through time!

He will also be able to separate his consciousness and embody several people at once. When he determines a criminal embodies too much evil, he can imprison them within their past traumatic memories so they can learn to make better choices. Until they do the cycles of fear and hate will continue to replay themselves.

Atlas is not just a superhero, but a messenger from an ancient source of consciousness who is helping to shift our own consciousness to a higher level of being. 

Gaya - the Mentor

Gaya - The Mentor

Gaya is a being of great love and knowledge who teaches and trains Atlas to become the next savior of Earth.

She is a descendant of the eight masters of light that created the universe. Because of her deep connection to consciousness her power is immense and allows her to comprehend the cosmic records of all experience.

More specifically, she can move through time and space with only a thought. She is a master of Tai Chi and tremendous telepathic and telekinetic abilities. Her only weakness is she cannot cross over to our physical plane of existence without permission from a physical being to enter their body. However this is not without terrible consequences. Her power is limited to subtle influence in the thoughts and dreams of humans, but in her realm she is seemingly all powerful.

Khoas - The Destroyer

Khaos - The Destroyer

Khaos is the physical manifestation of all negative emotions. 

He has no true physical form or body, instead he has the ability to possess another persons body when they are filled with enough negative emotion such as rage, fear, envy, or greed. He can influence human thoughts and emotions and trick people into doing terrible things as a source of power and sustenance for himself.  

When the cycles of time shift toward the dark Khaos always attempts to destroy the light and conquer the universe. This gave rise to the need for a saviour to help Gaya protect the light energy and keep the cosmic scales balanced as the cycles of time change again and again.


Pulsar - the Hired Gun

Pulsar - The Hired Gun

Pulsar is a villain who has used his superior knowledge of sound and frequency to develop a weaponized suit of armor

Dr. Detrick Waverly is a brilliant scientist who works for the secret black government, developing new-age weapons for the military. Detrick graduated highschool when he was 11 and quickly went on to study sound at MIT where he quickly caught the attention of the US government. He spent years working on top secret projects until Atlas changed the game. Fearing the worst, Dr. Waverly was contracted by a mysterious criminal organization to build a super weapon to challenge Atlas.

He built a specialized suit capable of emitting sonic blasts powerful enough to level a city block. His main weapons are two hand canons that create concentrated blasts of pure sound. He also has several small sonic devices he can shoot at his opponents that emit high pitch screeching sounds. Pulsar has now become a hired gun for the mob, but after a fight with Atlas, he decides to stop at nothing to destroy him. 

the Journal

The collected experiences of how Atlas became Atlas. 

In the first issue of Atlas: Origins the main character, Peter Kline, spends one year learning how to connect to consciousness and become Atlas. However, the details of those experiences are not included in the comic book. Instead at the end of each issue there are 4 pages of a journal that was kept by Peter throughout his training.

These writings are mainly based on the odd but true science of quantum physics and electro mechanics mixed with ancient knowledge and sacred astronomy.  

The Truth Story Behind Atlas

Atlas Cover Concept

Like many of you I have long pondered the big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? When I first began formulating the story that would become Atlas I was just discovering how chaotic a world I was living in. My outlook was becoming less idealist and much more realist with each passing day. Then, many years ago I began to ponder a different question.

Is it possible for a REAL superhero to exist in our world today? Someone who could put an end to the real evil that I was beginning to see? I began to research the claims of Telekinesis and Telepathy and other unbelievable mind over matter stories. It made me think, “What if someone could totally devote themselves to these practices?” Could it transform them into something we would recognize as a superhero? Could he or she actually inspire great change around the world or would it backfire? The process of exploring these questions ultimately gave birth to the beginning of the Atlas story. I wrote the first issue, illustrated six pages and tried to sell it, but no one wanted to buy in. With no response and a strong desire to earn success I reluctantly placed Atlas on the shelf.  After a few years, it faded from my thoughts.

It wasn’t until years later that I would discover why it needed to wait.

On November 11, 2011, my dad celebrated his 72nd birthday. He couldn’t stop drawing attention to it with everybody that walked through their front door, because It just so happened to be on 11/11/11. His big day came and went, and life went on as usual. Soon after, I began to notice something eerie. I started seeing the number 11 everywhere! Soon after, more weird coincidences were happening that could not be explained by accident or coincidence. It was as if a force of nature was lining things up. As if showing me a reflection of a pattern underneath it all. 

I know what many of you are thinking, and I agree with you. I believe that part of these experiences can be attributed to a predisposition. However, many cannot and it’s those ‘can-nots’ that interested me. So I stuck my head down a rabbit hole and it lead me back to Atlas! For the past several years, I have been researching and testing many theories that aim to answer some of the most profound questions. Topics included Ancient Cultures, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Biology, Epigenetics, Evolution, Electrical Engineering, Religious History, Galactic History, Philosophical History, DMT & Psychedelics, Meditation, Reiki & Reflexology, UFOs, Paranormal Activity, Channeling, Near Death Experiences and more. Beyond much of the skepticism and fraud that‘s out there, I found several common truths that run through all of these studies.

Original Atlas Concept Art

This research is what I needed in order to really complete Atlas in a way that I could not before. A way to explain the hidden, but very real truth behind the superhero I created years earlier. Now, it’s almost been a year since I first had the desire to give this story another shot, and I believe now more than ever that timing is everything!

If you’re interested in these topics or if you’ve had experiences of your own that would like to share, I invite you to click the button below and send in your story!

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