Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #4 - Coming Soon!

Before the exciting preview of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #4, a quick update! 

Atlas will be at the GRAND RAPIDS COMIC CON this coming weekend, October 16-18, at the DeVos Place. Stop by to get your copy of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #1, limited edition prints AND get a look at the original artwork from all the Atlas Issues, including Issue #4!

Just in time for the Halloween season, Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #4 is arriving online in a few weeks! Things are escalating in the all-new. action-packed issue installment in the Atlas:ORIGINS series. 

A new and powerful super villain named Pulsar has burst into a Federal Bank in Washington D.C. looking for a fight! It doesn't take long before Atlas swoops in to take him down! Watch as these two titans of Science & Spirituality battle it out for an ENTIRE ISSUE! Can Atlas overcome this new and dangerous threat? Or, will the new villain in town capture Atlas for the evil Masters?

Here's a SNEAK PEEK of the new villain, Pulsar, showing off his transformable sonic arm-cannons. The man behind the suit, Dr. Detrick Waverly, built his Pulsar suit with every possibility in mind. Even the ability to collapse his sonic arm-cannons down to allow him the use of his hands when needed. With just a clench of his fist, the specialized weapon transforms back into a powerful sonic weapon of destruction. Ready to fire in just seconds!