Atlas Is Coming...Very Soon!

Hello my friends and fellow truth seekers! Welcome to, home of the new on-going comic book series Atlas! This is a story I created many years ago, then abandoned, but after many different twists and turns found my way back to. This time with a new-found insight that I now realize I needed in order to finish it.

You see there is a layer of truth that runs between the pages of this story. Secrets that can unlock the true power hidden inside of us all. These ideas are what helps to transform Peter Kline into the hero we know as Atlas! 

Want to know some of these secrets? Well, first let's get a little back story...

For the past several years, I have been endlessly researching and testing many theories that dare to challenge what we know reality to be. Topics included Ancient Cultures, Sacred Geometry, Quantum Physics, Biology, Epigenetics, Evolution, Electrical Engineering, Religious History, Galactic History, Philosophical History, DMT & Psychedelics, Meditation, Reiki & Reflexology, UFOs, Paranormal Activity, Channeling, Near Death Experiences and more. Beyond much of the skepticism and fraud that‘s out there, I found several common truths that run through all of these studies.

This is what makes Atlas more than just a fictional character. His understanding and connection to consciousness is what makes him powerful. Everything I've used as inspiration for this story is pulled from REAL-WORLD science & religion. He could literally fly down from the sky one day and it would make complete sense based on what I've found. Let's face it, by the looks of things we really could use him, couldn't we?

The world is so consumed with money, celebrity, and material symbols of wealth, that we openly ignore poverty, hunger, disease, and human trafficking. Not just abroad, but in our own country as well. All of these global tragedies could be solved relatively quickly if our collective sense of value shifted from currency to empathy.

The men who built modern society where not men of great creativity, they where egotists who where only driven by status and conquest. More money always buys you the best ideas and will always keep you at the top. Only creating the illusion of creative genius. The problem is when you have all the resources, what is left for everyone else? Nothing but the bottom. We are living it today as we always have. Unless we start to do something about it!

This is where the secrets to taking back your power come in! Here's a couple of things you can do right now to get started!

1.) ASK QUESTIONS! - Ask questions when people say things to you. Ask them where they heard that from. If you blindly believe everything you hear, you can wind up missing a lot. A good place to start is with the accepted theories of experts. Usually there are some amazing things not being shared. After you open yourself up to the possibilities I invite you to practice questioning your own thoughts and beliefs. The key here is not to judge, rather feel what is right. You're gut instinct will always be your best guide!

2.) DON'T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HEAR! - Find out for yourself! Doing the research for yourself is such a better experience of discovery. It allows you to really make informed conclusions that you can then share more accurately with others.

3.) FIND CALM SPACE! - Time to relax people. Take a deep breathe and close your eyes for a minute. I would say meditate, but I've learned that word can turn people off. So I prefer to simply focus on the goal of meditation. It should not feel like a chore. It should be something you feel the impulse to do, like taking a sip of water when you feel thirsty. 

Whenever you have the time, don't check your phone. Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. Try not to think, but if you do, it's fine. The goal is to shut down your eyes, which allows your mind more space to find calm. This will help you de-stress and feel happier as you go about your day. 

These are just the start of what I hope will be a transformative experience for us all. As much as I love writing and illustrating this story, I get much more satisfaction out of spreading these thought provoking ideas and sparking creative conversations with you!.

If you have any thoughts or stories you'd like to share regarding the topics I spoke about, go to

Look for Atlas : Origins Issue #1 Coming Soon!