Issue #1 Launch Day Celebration!

When I first was trying to decided when to release the first issue of Atlas:ORIGINS, I considered many options for different reasons. However, looking back now that the day has FINALLY arrived, today was the only day that would reflect the message that I want to send with this story!

FREE COMIC BOOD DAY is a celebration of all things comics! It's a chance to come together as a community of readers and storytellers to revel in what make these books so influential in our lives. For me it is also important because it takes the focus off the financial side of the business and focuses it totally on the content of the books and in my opinion the TRUE value they add to our lives.

I've spent the last week promoting the hell of of this first issue. Spoke with many comic book store owners from across the country, most of whom where more than happy to accept a free sneak peek, and some where even kind enough to help me promote it with a simple flyer. That unfortunately was not the case for a small number of stores that for all intents and purposes told me to fuck off! For what was revealed to be mostly financial reasons. 

I understand that it's tough to be a comic book store own these days. With the pressures of selling enough books weekly to keep up your quotas and having to decided which titles sell in your area and which don't, but the fact of the matter is when you focus only on money you start to lose what make you a great comic book store owner and advocate of these books! 

Comics should be celebrated as the pulse of the new popular culture! Most television shows and movies these days are pulled straight from the pages of the most obscure titles! In the internet-connected culture you never know what is going to be the next big thing. Now I'm not trying to say Atlas is it, but what I am saying is it could be.

So in celebration of the medium that has brought us some of the best thought provoking entertainment in recent years I say read for FREE comic book fans! READ FOR FREE!

Go to to read the first issue! I hope you enjoy!

Because when you leave this earth I belief the stories that shaped your life will follow with you, but not a dime of you money will!

Have a GREAT FREE Comic Book Day, Namaste!