Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #2 Coming July 1st!

The next installment of the Atlas Origins story is coming soon! July 1st to be exact and not everything goes smoothly for our hero.

In Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #2, Atlas is busy flying around the world helping to keep people safe from the forces of Khoas. Starting with a bomb threat in downtown London to a tenement fire in southern China, he has his work cut out for him. 

Atlas also introduces us to his ability to see into the past of evil doers. He can see the experiences and the people who helped create the evil person they are today and then trap them within their own mind. Forcing them to replay these experiences over again in order to challenge them to make better choices. If they do they will move on to the next experience until they are released as newly reformed versions of their former selves. 

He is making a big name for himself around the world and is getting the attention of some very powerful people...

In Issue #2, we are also introduced to a force of great evil boiling underneath the surface! A dark organization is revealed that is planning to deal with Atlas in their own unique and sinister way. 

Get ready because Issue #2 is coming sooner than you think!

On Wednesday June 24th, visit for a special SNEAK PREVIEW of Issue #2. Read the FIRST 5 PAGES a week before the big day! 

There are a lot of ATLAS announcements coming this week so stay tuned for more!