Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #5 OUT NOW!

Issue #5 - Rise of Khaos

Today you can get your own digital edition of the ALL-NEW issue of Atlas:ORIGINS! Khaos is coming and he's bringing a few friends with him to the upcoming final issue. Find out his evil master plan by clicking the button below!

Only 1 issues left in the ORIGINS series, that means the next issue will be the final issue in the Atlas:ORIGINS series! We are so excited to be wrapping up the Origins series soon and even more excited for what we have coming next!

Ever since the beginning, Dave always had a vision for how to tell this story. That vision began by introducing the hero with his own 6 issue origin story. As part of the original vision that started it all, what comes next will chronicle the origins of Khaos, our villain, with his own 6 Issue Origins series entitled, Atlas:CORRUPTIONS. This origin story will not only explore the true identity of Rowland Masters, but how he became bound to the eternal evil known as Khaos! It will also shed some light on the previous incarnations of Atlas as we travel back to the 16th century.

Here’s an EXCLUSIVE LOOK at the concept designs for the upcoming Atlas:CORRUPTIONS series. Happy New Year!

Rowland Masters Concept Art