Atlas Project Update - The End is Near!

Only 1 Issue Left - It's Gonna Be Khoatic!

Production on the final issue of the Atlas:ORIGINS series is well underway and in fact it's just a few weeks away from being complete! We're all so excited to release this climactic final issue which will feature the final battle between Atlas and the eternal evil known as Khoas. Plus, we'll be releasing an all-new Atlas Training Journal entry, but it won't be the last just yet! Stay tuned for more about that coming soon! In the meantime, check out this collage of artwork featured in the upcoming Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #6 below!

To celebrate the end of the Atlas:ORIGINS series, Dave and the Atlas team have been planning some very cool new releases! 

First, we thought it would be fun for everyone who has been paying extra close attention to create an 'Atlas Hidden Messages Video' to walk all you Atlas fans through the entire series pages by page to show & explain all the hidden meanings within the design of the book!

Next, we want to really explore the world view of Atlas creator Dave Swartz by working with him to create a video called 'The Atlas Truth' to explore and explain the unique world view that Dave used as his inspiration to create the Atlas story! This video will explore all kinds of subjects including Mind over Matter, Sacred Geometry, Life & Death, Consciousness, Cycles of Time, Electric Universe Theory, Law of Attraction and much more!

Finally, a quick announcement about an upcoming Atlas fund raising event. Next month as we celebrate the end of the Atlas:ORIGINS series we will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a trade paperback of all the Atlas:ORIGINS issues put together in an epic 200 page book! All 6 issues, including Volume 1 of the Atlas Training Journal, all 6 covers, plus never before seen concept sketches, layouts and behind the scenes stories about the making of Atlas. More details will be coming out soon!

Hope everyone is making it a great new year so far! Look for more about the final issue of Atlas:ORIGINS coming soon!