Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #6 Sneak Preview

It's officially the beginning of the end for the Atlas:ORIGINS series! So let's kick it off with a FREE 5 PAGE PREVIEW! You can now read the first 5 pages of the ALL-NEW Atlas:ORIGINS issue by clicking the button below.

We are less than a week away from the release of the FULL final issue in the Atlas:ORIGINS series. In the epic conclusion Atlas must overcome the powerful & eternal Khaos as his power grows all over the world. Our hero must stop the spread of his evil without being consumed by it. Can Atlas overcome his most powerful foe, or will Khaos have a trick up his sleeve. Something no one will see coming! 

Stay tuned for the final issue arriving online March 9!

Pre-Order the Atlas:ORIGINS Trade Paperback through Kickstarter

The Atlas:ORIGINS Trade Paperback Pre-Order/Fundraising Campaign is about to begin! In just a few short weeks the collected volume of all 6 Atlas:ORIGINS issues will become available for PRE-ORDER. Learn more about this all-new edition to the Atlas shelves and get a sneak preview of the exclusive new cover for it!

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We're only days away from the big day and like all of you, everyone at the Atlas Team is super excited! Not just about the holidays, but because next Monday, December 28th a FREE SNEAK PEEK of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #5 will be released! So after you're gifts have been unwrapped, egg nog running low, and you're looking for a pick me up - we got you covered! 

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The wait is almost over! Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #4 is arriving online in just a few weeks!

A new and powerful super villain named PULSAR has burst into a Federal Bank in Washington D.C. looking for a fight! It doesn't take long before Atlas swoops in to take him down! Watch as these two titans of Science & Spirituality battle it out for an ENTIRE ISSUE!

The best part is, you can read the first 5 pages of this super showdown coming up this Saturday, October 24th! The action is heating up in the all-new issue of ATLAS! Get more at

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Atlas Rewards are Everywhere!

Right off the top I want to say I hope everyone is enjoying this great summer we're having! I encourage you to go outside and soak up as much sun as you can before the winds of change start blowing. The energy the sun gives is so refreshing and energizing for the body, mind, and soul. Here's a preview of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #3 that I hope will encourage you to get outside and soak it all in!

Now on to the good news! Today I received a special and unexpected package. The retail printing of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #1 came early! That means the Kickstarter Rewards are shipping out next week! If you backed our Kickstarter Campaign and haven't sent in your survey, you have 24 hours to get it in, but these babies will go out on Monday!

Let's hope I can still draw the rest of Issue #3 after the autograph gauntlet this weekend!

Now for all those who couldn't participate in the Kickstarter and are feeling left out of all the rewards fun. I've got something new just for you! The Atlas Wallpaper Gallery is NOW ONLINE and filled with wallpapers for all your mobile and desktop devices including, Phone, Tablets and Computer Screens. Just click the button below to find the perfect wallpaper just for you!

Finally now that the retail copies are in, the Atlas team will be working hard to get them into local comic book stores in the Mid-West area including Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, New York and New Jersey. If you have a comic book store near you that you want to stock Atlas you can click the button below to drop us a line.