We're only days away from the big day and like all of you, everyone at the Atlas Team is super excited! Not just about the holidays, but because next Monday, December 28th a FREE SNEAK PEEK of Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #5 will be released! So after you're gifts have been unwrapped, egg nog running low, and you're looking for a pick me up - we got you covered! 

Here's a look art some of the new artwork, featuring the big baddy himself - KHAOS!!!

In Atlas:ORIGINS Issue #5, after a near fatal encounter with Pulsar, our hero returns to the Temple to recover and find out more about this new threat. The truth however raises more questions than answers. As Atlas struggles to see what's coming next, Khaos gathers his generals to prepare for the reveal of their true plan for the people of earth! 

There is only 1 earth shattering issue left in the Atlas:ORIGINS series! Stay tuned for the epic-sized, action-packed, final issue coming February 2016! It will be sure to bring the KHAOS!!!