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Get Inspired by the Ideas that Started it All.

Atlas is story that represents the culmination of many years of research, study and unbelievable experiences that have changed how I see the world forever. In Atlas the main character, Peter Kline, must learn to connect to pure consciousness in such a deeply profound way that he can literally change it with nothing more than a thought. In doing so he transforms himself into a being of pure potential and a symbol of hope for a world filled with chaos. It may seem impossible, but many of the ideas that inspired this story are based on real scientific and archeological theories that paint a very different picture of what we know reality to be!

In this Atlas Resources section you will find the videos that helped to inspire the themes and ideas discussed in Atlas as well as lead you to other topics they may spark your interest. However, these examples are only a small introduction to the vast number of amazing, but real ideas about who we really are! I encourage you to follow what feels right to you and do so with a sense of discernment and an open mind. The possible becomes possible when we believe that it is possible!

Spirit Science

Spirit Science began as a video series on YouTube that has now grow to a massive online community of people looking to discuss everything from reality & our world to our systems of organized society. In these videos the creator, Jordan Duchnycz walks you through many topics such as the Cycles of Time, Torodial Flow, Sacred Geometry, Crystals and much much more.

The video below is the first of 29 episodes. Be sure to check out Spirit Science - Human History Movie - some interesting ideas presented in that one!

Thunderbolts of the Gods : Electric Universe Theory

There are many theories about the true nature of our reality. One of the theories that is getting a lot of attention is Electric Universe Theory. Click the video link below to watch a short documentary series that explains the details of this theory from the scientist & researches that created the Thunderbolts Project.

Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden : Environment & Intention Create Reality

In this fantastic video two powerhouse biologists Bruce Lipton & Gregg Braden flip the traditional theories of genetics and what really creates the world around us. For many decades it was thought that genes and the need for individual survival was what dictated our reality, but new science has shown that conscious intention and emotional feedback from our environment are more at play when it comes to creating reality. 

Tom Campbell and Bruce Lipton: Two Scientists "See the Same World"

Two of the great minds in biology Tom Campbell and Bruce Lipton discuss together their ground breaking work and the implications it has on how we view our reality and how we view who we are as it relates to the universe around us.

the Pyramid Code

There are many documentaries out there about the mysteries of the Great Pyramids. This one not only explains these mysteries, but goes further into a connection between several great monuments of the ancient world.

Graham Hancock : 2012 Conference Lecture

In this lecture video researcher and author Graham Hancock explains several mysteries of the ancient world pointing to significant events in our history and the implications of these messages.

Dr. Eben Alexander : Synthesis of Science and Spirituality
The Arc of Human Destiny over Milennia

Near Death Experiences (NDE) are as frequent as they are controversial. Many believe they have had a glimpse into heaven while others believe their experience is simply a manifestation of the brain under stress. In this video one of the most interesting and enlightening NDE stories is told by a Neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander and what he thinks the message behind the experience really means for us all.

DMT : The Spirit Molecule Documentary

 Since the beginning of time many have pondered the true substance or nature of the soul. Is it Spiritual, Physical, Energetic in some way? Many religious groups and biologists believe a substance known as N,N-Dimethyltryptamine or DMT is what regulates our 'sense' of reality. In the short documentary a ground breaking clinical trail was conducted to test the chemical and it's effects on the human experience.

Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka

The practice of channeling is a controversial one, but with all new ideas the use of proper discernment is crucial to make sure no good ideas are overlooked. In this short video Darryl Anka claims to be channeling a being that is from a future time on a distant planet. The being named Bashar shares his wisdom and perspective with many people looking for help. It may strike you as odd at times to watch, but there is some real true in his words.