Tell Your Friends All About Atlas!

Just like every great comic book out there, they only survive because of the fans that support them! Atlas has grow a fantastic and inspired group of supporters and it's because of you that we at the Atlas Team can do what we do! So if you want to see more of Atlas on your local comic book shelf just follow these 2 simple steps!

Step 1: Download the Flyer

Start by clicking the 'Download the Flyer' button below to download a small flyer that explains all about the Pre-Order Campaign. You can send it along with the message below in Step 2!

Just click the button below to download the Atlas:ORIGINS Pre-Order Flyer:

Step 2: Copy the Message

When you're ready, copy the message below into a new email message, along with the Atlas:ORIGINS PRE-ORDER Flyer, and then choose all the people in your life you think would like or love Atlas!

Hey <Insert Name>,
I just found this really interesting comic book series called Atlas:ORIGINS! It's something I think you'd really enjoy! They're running a Pre-Order Campaign through Kickstarter right now. There's all kinds of prints and extras! You can check it out here -

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